The purpose of RTC Group Trips is to bring our members together to travel around Ireland and abroad. It is open to all types of travelers whether you're solo, travelling with a partner, family or friends. We launch at least 4 new group trips a month and our trips will range in size from small groups of 20 to 100+ The beauty of our group trips is you can travel with others but still make the trip your own. 


 We launch 4 new group trips each month with a mixture of Irish and International trips.

We also run themed trips throughout the year such as yoga or hiking trips and this is always called out in the description.

Below are some examples of trips we run:
- Irish Hotel Weekend Trips
- Camping Trips
- European Trips
- Multi City Trips
- Cruise Trips
- Yoga Retreats
- Family Trips
- DIY Trips
- Cruise Trips  


DIY Group Trips involve booking flights and accommodation separately. We organizse them based on finding great value flights and offer members flexibility in choosing accommodations that match their budget and preferences.

Members join a WhatsApp group after booking flights, where we work out accommodation options that are close to each other, facilitating budget-friendly choices and opportunities for sharing accommodations.  


On RTC Group Trips, members have the freedom to tailor their experience. Participation in activities is optional, and suggestions for alternatives are welcome.

The itinerary, discussed in the WhatsApp group, is flexible and based on member preferences. Some members may pre-book activities, while others decide during the trip. Limited-capacity activities may require early booking.

Members are responsible for booking activities, often coordinating group bookings and payments. Themed trips like yoga retreats may have a structured schedule with free time for additional activities.


The WhatsApp group serves as a platform for members to connect before, during, and after trips.

It facilitates pre-trip bonding, updates on trip plans, and post-trip communication. Groups are closed if trips are more than six weeks away to maintain momentum and prevent missed information.

Introductions are encouraged, especially for solo travelers. Suggestions for activities and logistics are shared pre-trip, with members varying in their preference for pre-booking.

During the trip, the group thrives with messages coordinating activities and meals. Post-trip, members decide whether to stay in the group for future trip planning, sharing memories, or arranging reunions.

Who Can go on a group trip?

Solo Travellers?
There would be a number of solo travellers on our group trips. The biggest majority of our group trips are solo travellers, the next biggest are the former solo travellers who were previously solo on a group trip but have since made friends with other solo travellers. 

We do run family group trips throughout the year however unless a group trip specifically says Adults Only, it's up to your discretion if you want to go on a group trip with your kids.

You can book a group trip for yourself and whoever you are travelling with. 

We do get this a lot that RTC is only for women however men are of course welcome on our group trip, they just tend to be more camera shy or actually taking the photos when you see photos from group trips.

All Ages?
There's no age restriction for anyone who wants to go on a group trip. We've members from 18 to 80 that have been on group trips. The only time there's an age restriction is on some trips where no under 18's are allowed.