A large ivy-covered mansion with a fountain, surrounded by lush greenery and gardens.

Abbeyglen castle Hotel

Overnight Stay with Breakfast & 5 Course Meal

€250 for up to 2 sharing on select July Dates

Immerse yourself in the Abbeyglen experience, where a warm and inviting smile awaits, and every moment whispers tales of timeless charm. Your evening unfolds with complimentary champagne and captivating tales of local history shared by an open turf fire, followed by a regal feast fit for royalty. The vibrant piano bar sets the stage for nightly symphonies of shared joy through singalongs. As the night draws to a close, retire to the embrace of a luxurious four-poster bed. Whether it's the genuine warmth, the rich history, or the comforting feeling of home that captures your heart, let Abbeyglen Castle be the canvas for your treasured moments and the destination where your heart finds its home.

Cozy bedroom with a double bed, vintage decor, large window, and two blue chairs near a small table.

WHAT IS Included

Overnight Stay
5 Course Evening Meal


1st / 2nd / 5th / 7th / 8th / 9th July 2024


€250 for Overnight Stay with Breakfast & 5 Course Meal

A waiter prepares tables in an elegant, chandelier-lit restaurant with large windows and ornate curtains.


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Only available on select July Dates
This offer is for up to 2 people sharing