DIY Cork to Brussels Sun 23rd - Wed 26th JuN
Solo from €280| 2 Sharing from €155pp | Family from €651

Embark on an enchanting escape to Brussels for a trip filled with cultural wonders and culinary delights. Wander through the historic streets adorned with intricate architecture, stopping by the iconic Grand Place to marvel at its ornate buildings. Indulge in the city's renowned gastronomy, savoring Belgian chocolates, waffles, and exquisite beers at charming cafes and brasseries. Dive into Brussels' rich cultural tapestry with visits to world-class museums like the Magritte Museum and the Royal Museums of Fine Arts. Uncover hidden gems in the vibrant neighborhoods of Marolles and Saint-Géry, where quaint boutiques and lively markets await. With its blend of history, art, and gastronomy, Brussels promises an unforgettable escape.

What is a DIY Trip

Discover the freedom of a DIY Trip, where you arrange flights and accommodation separately. With our DIY offers, you'll find great value flights from various airports across Ireland, perfect for solo travelers, couples, families, or groups of friends. We suggest accommodation options to help plan your trip's budget, but you're free to choose alternatives. Whether it's a budget-friendly hostel, a spacious apartment for larger groups, or a secluded retreat, tailor your stay to your preferences. Enjoy the flexibility to craft your ideal getaway.

How to Book

This is a DIY offer. You will need to book the flights and accommodation separately. 

Please book the flights and accommodation as outlined below 

Note that the price of flights may increase due to demand. If the flight are out of your budget, please wait a few days and look them up again as they may have dropped back down. 


Please visit the Ryanair website/ app to book the flights.

Outbound Flight:
Cork to Brussels Charleroi
Sunday 23rd June @ 18:10

Inbound Flight:
Brussels Charleroi to Cork
Wednesday 26th June @ 16:15

Please select the basic fare option and then add your bag selection at the end for the best price

Adult Fare
Basic Fare + Underseat Bag - €29.98
Basic Fare + Priority & 2 Cabin Bags - €63.48

Family Fare (2 A + 2 U16)
Basic Fare + Underseat Bag - €119.92
Basic Fare + Priority & 2 Cabin Bags - €253.92

Ryanair Website


The below is the Genius Price. Please visit the website/app & search the accommodation name to book

2 Sharing / Solo Option:
IBIS Brussels Erasmus

3 Night Price:

Family Option:
Hostel Van Gogh

3 Night Price:
€397 Website


Solo from:

2 Sharing from:

Family (2A + 2U16) from:

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Things to do

- Explore the Grand Place: Marvel at the stunning architecture and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of Brussels' central square.

-Visit the Atomium: Discover this iconic structure, offering panoramic views of the city and fascinating exhibitions inside.

- Indulge in Belgian chocolates: Treat your taste buds to delectable chocolates from renowned chocolatiers like Neuhaus and Godiva. 

- Tour the Magritte Museum: Immerse yourself in the surreal world of artist René Magritte with a visit to this captivating museum.