We're delighted to have our 3rd group trip to the Aran Islands this year. This is our first Summer group trip here and we've our fingers crossed for some incredible weather but even if there's rain, we'll have our members covered (literally!) with a marquee for them sit out in and to have the craic 

Due to the hotel selling out, we're thrilled to have a camping option for our members. All our members will be able to participate in the Live Music at the Aran Islands Hotel each night. 


Aran Islands Camping & Glamping


Sunday 21st - Tuesday 23rd July

Open to

Adults Only

More Family-friendly trips will be announced in the coming weeks

Camping Option

€15 per person per night to camp

Please note that you are required to bring your own camping supplies (tent/sleeping bag etc) 

Laundry & shower facilities and available for an additional fee

Limited to 100 campers

How to book

Please visit the hotel's website and select a Sunday - Thursday date in April OR Friday 19th April and use the below code in the promo code box for the offer to apply.

 Promo Code - RTC24

 You can also book over the phone by quote 'Rory's Travel Club £199 offer'.

 NOTE: If you enter the discount code on the website you may need to scroll down the hotels website - before seeing our offer.

How to Book

Please click on the link below to book then select if you are Camping or Glamping

Once you've booked the offer, please email grouptrips@rorystravelclub.com to be added to the WhatsApp Group for this trip.

Terms & conditions

General T&Cs
- Members are responsible for themselves and their conduct on a  group trip
- RTC facilitates opportunities for members to travel together and is not responsible for any booking arrangements or disputes
- By booking a group trip you agree to the hotel's T&Cs & other policies

Members Sharing with Other Members
- Members opting to share with other members have a shared responsibility for the hotel booking. 
- The onus is on the sharing members to arrange payment between themselves
- Should a sharing member have to cancel, the onus is on them to arrange a replacement or pay their share of the booking
- RTC is not responsible for any disputes that may arise